The Corpas Lab from the Earlham Institute, Norwich, UK in collaboration with, Cambridge, UK, is conducting a brief survey with bioinformaticians, biologists and data scientists working in Life Sciences about their experiences with methods, tools and data used in their genomics focused research.

Your responses will give crucial insight into the requirements of a web based tool which helps professionals like yourself to analyse genomic data and support their decision processes in a research context.
Analysis Tools

Which type of tools do you use for genomic data analysis? *

Which tools / web services do you usually use during genomic analysis?

Your Scientific Question

Which type of reference dataset do you use to compare your variant data to on a regular basis? *

Which type of reference dataset would be ideal* for you to compare your variant data to? *

* Regardless of e.g. accessibility of data, privacy restrictions, etc.

When obtaining information on the frequency of a variant of interest, which population (sub)set do you refer to? *

Data Scouting

Do you use externally sourced data for your research?

How do you find this data?

What part of the process of finding external data do you struggle with most?

Why not?

If you could find external data more easily would you consider it?

What blockers do you experience when trying to source external data to power your research?

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Thank you very much for taking the time to complete our survey.
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